What year was this photo taken?

The White House is from the Ohio State game, 2014. The Stripe Out is from the Rutgers Game, 2015.

Do you have this year's white out, or some other specific game?

Those aerial shots are really hard to get, so just what we have in the store!

My poster has ripples in it...

This is the nature of poster prints, since they are printed on an offset press. This makes them inexpensive, but even with 100#, coated stock, some rippling is normal. If you believe it's beyond normal, or if the product is damaged, we'll gladly send a replacement, at no cost to you.

If you intend to frame a poster, we recommend getting it dry-mounted to styrene or matte board at your local frame shop...or purchase a true photo print, which is museum-grade and archival quality. They also ship flat, not rolled. Photo prints are available at http://store.amesphotos.com.

How are these shipped? Are the posters folded?

Egad...who would ship something like this folded?! Posters are shipped, rolled, in a 25x2 inch mailing tube, .06 inches thick. True photo prints are more carefully packaged and shipped flat.

Do you do weddings?

Yes! It's actually my specialty. http://www.amesphotos.com/weddings

Do you have different sizes?

Poster prints are run in batches of 1000, so we can only do one size, 24x36 inches. Photo prints and canvas can be nearly any size you need.